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Welcome to Elevation Indie Film Awards
By filmmakers for filmmakers

We accept submissions through Filmfreeway. To submit click the button below


Why Choose Elevation Indie Awards?

* We provide constructive feedback on all submissions.

* Opportunity to join a network of like minded indie film makers from around the world. 

* We hold special event screenings of our films once a year.



The Elevation Indie Film Awards has been set up by Indie Film makers for Indie Film makers. We understand the difficulties of gaining recognition for your work and want to shine a light on the vast talent of Independent filmmakers from around the world.  

The difficulties surrounding showcasing an Indie Film in commercialized festivals means that some great movies are not given the credit they so richly deserve, so the Elevation Indie Film Awards has been set up to do just that.

Our films do not compete against each other as in traditional festivals, we judge each film on it's own merit so are simply looking for quality.

* All entries will receive constructive feedback on their film.

* Winners of our Special Section Awards will have the option of joining Elevation Indie in our judging panel for future nominees, helping them to build a network of like minded individuals from around the globe.

* Winners of best feature film and best short film each season will be screened at our annual showcase


Our judging panel consists of Directors, Producers, Writers, Actors and Casting Agents experienced in the world of Independent film making and have first hand knowledge of the trials and tribulations that goes into creating a great film.

If you are an entertaining, innovative, exciting film maker then join us and take part in the Elevation Indie Film Awards.


Awards and Prizes

Films are not competing against each other so quality and creativity are celebrated in four categories of awards:  

The Pinnacle Award

The Spotlight Award  

Award of Merit


Award of Recognition

* The Pinnacle Award honours those who exceed all levels of excellence and is given to the top scoring films for each season.  
* The Spotlight Award is for stand out films of quality and creativity
* Artistic and technical attributes in film production are celebrated with the Award of Merit.

Special Section Awards:

Best Director,
Best Actor,
Best Actress,  
Best Screenplay,
Best Cinematographer.

Only one person each season will be awarded winner in each category of the Special Section Awards. Those winners are invited to join our network of independent film makers and take part in judging future Special Section nominees of Elevation Indie if they so choose. 

Winner's of the Pinnacle Award also get a discount for

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All submissions through Filmfreeway




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